"Style with Heart"

Design should be more than just aesthetic quality. Design is about communication. Design can make you think. innerspoken™ believes in the "more" — the heart behind the designs. All our shirt designs carry a message in their own quiet and distinct way, just waiting to be discovered. It might be an encouragement, a reminder, an inside joke, a love letter, or something you're afraid to say out loud. Whatever it is, you can express it through an innerspoken™ shirt.

Subtlety is an essence of my designs. Though some people might not get it right away, I hope it'll bring a smile to their face when they do. Others might interpret the design differently, but that's how everyone can take something personal, something unique away from it. It's about making it your own — not just the shirt, but the design as well.

I try to pay attention to the details and give it that extra little touch when designing my shirts, because I believe that it's the little things that make us giggle and brighten up our days. Hopefully you will enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them.

I hope owning an innerspoken™ shirt can be an experience for you — from enjoying the design, connecting with the message in your own way, to wearing them and starting conversations. And always remember: open your mind, follow your heart, and wear your passion.

Clement innerspoken™ is Clement Ng

The Designer

Clement Ng is currently living in the California Bay Area. He recently left the world of start-ups, and is now designing interfaces for a tech company by day and running innerspoken™ by night. He keeps a micro-blog and a sketchbook, and he draws inspirations from the little things in everyday life.

Growing up doing traditional art, Clement decided to pursue an interdisciplinary degree in Computing and Arts. He picked up most of the technical stuff in his spare time and believes that the best way to learn things is through actually doing them — trials and errors — instead of studying them.

When he's not working on his designs, he likes to keep up with technology and gadget news. He enjoys listening to music, reading, snowboarding, naps, frozen yogurt and all things mango. If you would like to know more about him, feel free to ask.